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Save Money and Time to Increase your Profits – We Can Help

We know that you constantly review your business, seeking ways to speed up your work and reduce your costs.

As a specialist importer of agricultural machinery beholden to no major supplier, but free to buy from any company who have the right product for our customers at the right price, we can offer a wide range for you to choose from.

We import machinery from many countries, both within the EU and from further afield. For example, we have two suppliers in New Zealand. Looking through our site you will see machines from many companies – some small and not well known, others large and world famous. Most of our suppliers are exclusive to ourselves within the UK and Ireland.

We are constantly adding to our list of suppliers. This is because our customers tell us about a machine that they require – that either they cannot locate – or what they can find does not satisfy their requirements. We always like to hear from our friends with advice for a new machine we need to source. In fact, of course, many of our existing suppliers make products which we have not shown, because we had not realised that Ireland and the UK required such products. An area where several of our suppliers are very strong, for example, is wine production- but we might need another website just to accommodate these products!

Save money with our Affordable Machinery.

Unlike most companies selling to the farming community, we are direct importers, supplying direct to the farmer. In other words there is only company between the farmer and the manufacturer, requiring only one profit, where there would normally be at least two.  We do not employ sales people on commission. Any person employed on a commission basis is employed to maximise the employer’s profit- in other words to get as high a price as possible.  Our position is  that we offer as low a price as we can consistent with making a small profit. We always hope to make more in the long term by dealing fairly with both our customer and our supplier.

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