Agricall has been producing the best grain crushers on the market in Italy and Europe since 1987.

Their innovative and unique machines are the result of our constant dedication to the innovation of technology for years.

Electrical grain crushers for every type of cereals: barley, corn, oats, field beans, wheat, fava beans… Cold, dried or fresh, even already mixed together.

Their use is recommended in each type of breeding, to improve the assimilation and the digestibility of cereals.

Technical information of the crusher

FEATURES: Compact and solid design, maximum efficiency in small spaces and easy to use. Upper cereals container, discharge hopper, its own stand, a switch safe-motor and patented wiar-resistant rollers.
The machine does not produce dust, is silent and has no vibrations.

ADJUSTMENT OF ROLLERS: The pressure of crushing is adjustable through a simple lever that controls the distance between teh cattle, sheep, goats, horses, but also obtain a very thin laminate, the ideal solution for pigs and young animals.

So with only one machine, it is possible to satisfy every nutritional need for many types of animals. Thanks to the special rolles, characterised by their not smooth and helicoidal shape, the crushing is steady and homogeneous, and the grains do not lose their fibres.

SAVINGS: Reasonable purchase price, easy maintenance and very low-energy consumption (savings up to 70% of the bill in comparison with other grain crushers, and especially with mills).

The main function of the grain crusher is to break the external caryopsis (seed peel)of every cereal in order to allow the fastric juice of the ruminant to attack the cereal, and slowly transform it into proteins in order to gain the maximum benefit from the nutrients.

The cereal transformed into flour (e.g. with the mill) is more refined and easily fermentable, which makes it unhealthy for the animal. If it is included in an excessive quantity in the animals’ feeding, it will cause a negative series of events leading to the acidosis of rumen.

The use of the entire cereals and grains is not advisable because the caryopsis cannot be attacked and degradated by the micro-organism of the rumen.

Nowadays, the cereals sold on the market are cereal flakes, which are the result of an industrial process that, besides raising the price considerably, causes the cereal to lose all the nutrients which will then need to be integrated with food supplements.

The daily cold crushing preserves the freshness of all the nutrients of the cereal, in order to favour the intervention of rumen bacteria, as a slow and progressive starch decomposition.

In this way, it is possible to administer the percentage of cereals and seeds in the ration, and to provide the energy which is necessary for the production of milk and meat, thus avoiding acidosis.
The welfare of the animals guarantees an excellent production, as well as an impeccable breeding.