Fencepro post drivers are at the leading edge of both design and function, due to the ongoing research and development from a dedicated team. Every day, feedback from owners and operators in the field is listened to, discussed, and as soon as possible – put into action. This gradual but persistent refinement of the range ensures they are getting safer, faster to use, more versatile and importantly, even longer lasting. 

The latest manufacturing techniques and technology is utilised in the manufacture of these robust machines. The use of computer design and laser technology is evident in the latest model, the RB800 rotating base which has a unique, hydraulic rotating system unique to Fencepro. 



Fencepro Ultra G3

The Fencepro Ultra G3 is the ultimate fencing contractors rig that is specifically designed to work in the most difficult conditions day in day out without missing a beat. Regardless of the soil type or substrate – the Ultra G3 can be kitted out with the gear to get the posts in the ground efficiently. The Rock drill is a good example of one of the options that the Ultra G3 has to tackle schist and other types of rock.


Fencepro Ultra G2

The Ultra G2 after many years is still both the benchmark and the gold standard for fencing contractors rigs, and has also set the standard for versatility, reliability and speed. The quick operation is helped by logical layout and a large area covered by the side mount and mast shift so minimal tractor movements are necessary.


Fencepro Mule

The Mule is like the building block of tractor mounted post rammers. In its most simple form it is a fairly basic yet very heavy duty postdriver that can be adapted to suit any soil type or fencing conditions. The options are nearly endless, and ultimately very nearly match the Ultra G2.


Fencepro Mule FX 4.5

The Mule FX 4.5 is a top level post rammer which has the same features a professional fencing contractors rig. Easily operated by one person with the 4 way mast movement and able to be fitted with most options. The Mule FX 4.5 is specially priced to offer farmers a fully specified post driver at low cost.


Fencepro Farmtek

The Farmtek is a farmers model postdriver that is versatile enough for most farming operations. Even in its standard form it has height adjustable feet to give extra height for strainers and fully hydraulic operation. An external port relief valve is also included to stop any pressure spikes when stopping the block from dropping. Just another sign of this machines pedigree.


Fencepro Pile Driver XPD500

The FENCEPRO XPD500 is a digger mounted pile driver designed and manufactured especially for pile driving. The standard XPD500 had a 5m mast and a 500kg block. The XPD500 is shown in the photo above on a 7.5 tonne Kobelco.

Also available is a sub-frame which connects an excavator to a standard three point linkage so a normal post driver can be mounted to a digger. The post driver would still be operated at the control bank, rather than by a the digger driver like a purpose built pile driver.